Original Artist Dolls

19.5 Inch All Porcelain Dolls

Original Artist Fashion Dolls Inspired by Dolls from the Fifties.

 The dolls are uniquely jointed to give the doll an endearing look and allow for elegant off-the-shoulder costuming. All the dolls have china painted faces and eyes highlighted with little stars.



 Clay sculpt of a toddler doll with a 7 inch head, arms sculpted to above the elbow, and legs sculpted to above the knee.  He is waiting to be done in porcelain.

Various original artist dolls and closeups of their faces ranging in sizes from six inch half dolls to 10.5 fully ball jointed dolls to 18 inch vinyl reproduction doll of my porcelain dolls.

8 Inch Ginny-like Original Artist Doll