Half Dolls

This is a “half doll” I made in stone clay. They were popular in the 1900’s to 1920 and mostly made in Germany and are still collected today. I wanted to try my hand at it. It is hard to tell what it will look like when it is finished in porcelain and painted. Half dolls are only the top half of the human figure. The bottom of the doll is the material of the skirt of the dress placed at the waist and on something like a perfume bottle, pincushion, tea cozy, metal stand, anything for a lady’s dressing table…..hence another name of these dolls…..dresser dolls. These three pieces fit together and I will make a plaster mold from the pieces that I will cast from for reproduction in porcelain, then paint and fire and glaze. One hand will hold a flower and the other hand will be holding her skirt. I am going to make a series of them for Christmas. I love being able to be more creative with these dolls, not being strictly held to regular positioning of the arms and hands as on the fashion type dolls I am used to doing. Even though I am making a mold for reproduction, I still intend to individualize the dolls by adding different hand-formed trims and flowers, onto the poured clay. 


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