The Combination of My Two Favorite Things

As a kid I was under the water more than on top challenging my mother to make sure I was alive. It must be an inherited quality because my kids and their kids navigate the same way. We all love the water! Coasting under the still water peacefully and slowly allowed you to “fly”. On sunny days cruising underneath the water would cast a long curvy shadow right beneath you, and the shimmering light patterns would dazzle your mermaid (or merman) figure. My form on the bottom of the pool looked great! I should have taken up scuba diving, but never did. I could have visited the Underwater and Sculpture Gardens in Cancun. What a great idea that I have never heard of until recently… underwater. It is considered “Live Art” because the sea life grows on the surface of each piece. It changes and makes a variety of colors and patterns fashioning a stunning visual. Because of the changes over time, along with the effects of the natural environment, it is considered to be “living art.”