My Heart Doesn’t Belong to Hasbro

Disney Princess Dolls

Despite some of the changes Hasbro has made to the princess dolls, even with their more bright open eyes, I don’t care for them. The proportion of the head to the body is way off. It’s unnatural. It seems to me that “special” dolls for children should represent the human figure…..not an artistic interpretation…..if that is what you would call it. hasbro_mattel_snow_white__02
Please tell me that you can see what I am talking about. The Hasbro doll on the left has a head as big as her middle from the neck to her waist. Did you ever see a princess walking around like that with a balloon head? I like things that are beautiful. I think the way we are proportioned is difficult to improve on. It is what we are used to. Why can’t our children have dolls that are true to life? My age must be showing. I loved the old vintage Madame Alexander, Revlon, or Vogue dolls. When Barbie came along, I quit playing with dolls because she looked strange to me. As the years passed, Barbie looked better in the face, but her figure was still too extreme. Her feet wouldn’t be able to hold her up in real life because she was so top heavy. I admit, there are so many beautiful collector Barbie dolls and I do own some of them, but it is the costuming and the pretty face which sells me. Giving Hasbro the license to make the princess dolls is questionable to me. Hasbro is more toys, games, and animal and character dolls. hasbro_mattel_jasmine__05
I will not be buying any of these dolls for my grandchildren. I can’t believe Disney thinks these dolls are more marketable. Someone at Hasbro needs a basic lesson in proportions of a human body. When children are first given the assignment of drawing a self-portrait in kindergarten, they usually draw the eyes at the top of their head because that is where they think they are. In reality, your eyes are not at the top of your head. If you were to draw an oval and put a line horizontally across the middle of it, that is where the eyes would be on the human head. Hasbro puts the eyes where the kindergarteners put them…..close to the top of their heads… room for their brains.

Well I have a problem with a lot of the animated characters on TV today also…..I just don’t like them. When I am working on a doll or a work of art, I like to imitate life. I think realism is beautiful. I guess it comes down to what I feel about dolls in general, and then how I feel about Disney. I love traditional dolls that look like people. Dolls encourage skills of nurturing and caring. Doll play develops cognitive and motor skills given the appropriate doll for the age of the child. Imaginative play stimulates language….little girls talk to their dolls. In other words, doll play imitates life. Disney is not real life, it is imagination personified. But Disney has beautiful princesses in their animated features……so why not have their dolls be represented by the same style of quality?