Art Whisperers

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Don’t underestimate the power of a mistake. When I am diligently working on a project and something out of my control goes awry; I lose my save, I use a stain instead of a non-staining watercolor, I knock my coffee all over everything, etc.,  and the precious conception of my masterpiece gets completely wiped out, instantly I think my artwork is doomed. But not so. Who knows where that pseudo blunder came from?  Maybe a part of me somewhere knows better than I do about what I am trying to portray.  Something in my subconscious whispers, “This isn’t working out right. Try something different.” Once that irreversible action is done, the compensating thoughtful creativity to repair the damage could result in magic…..better composition, more vibrant color, balance, a whole new take.

Being in that situation reminds me of the old “Bewitched” series when Darren would be caught up in the shenanigans of his Mother-in-Law. He would fabricate and fabricate a story to his client and his boss, Larry, to get him out of his quandary. Not only did they buy it, but they thought he was brilliant. So, the next time you find yourself in the middle of a bungled project, don’t get discouraged.  See if you can find the wisdom that was nudging you.