Hair — Extensions- Of the Nervous System


Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 1.34.34 PMArtists, Rock Stars, Actors, Writers, and people with many other creative occupations at one time or another have seemed to sport the longer hair styles.  In much the same way as the article suggests about the Indians,  creative people are more in tuned to the subtle differences of body language, facial expression, color and sound.  Maybe there really is a connection there! As a group, we artists are said to be emotional with sometimes exaggerated feelings. The existence of our art is the manifestation of those feelings.  People with strong feelings have been said to be compassionate and applauded for being good listeners. But the truth is, we are good feelers. Being a long haired artist (and a person with significant hearing loss),  I can vouch for my own ability of tuning into the silent signals bombarding me all the time.  Perhaps it is the long hair,  i.e. the antennae,  allowing me to delve into the extra sensory signs.  Interesting read.

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