Maybe I Could Stand on My Head

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Marketing Lessons from Picasso

To be a successful artist today you have to get both sides of your brain working to their full potential.  Creating art in a manner that has never been done quite that way, and marketing yourself as an artist seems to equal 100% times two.  Purging your soul for art’s sake is not enough. According to this article, people buy art mainly because they fall in love with the artist, not the art.  One has to stand out in whatever way possible to become salable.  If one is lucky enough to have an up-to-speed, informed artist representative, it seems as if the sole purpose of the rep would be to sell art.  However, now I see it is the character of the artist that is likely to promote his wares. Getting a representative is as difficult as selling your artwork.  It all comes down to being able to sell yourself.

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