A Disservice Twice.

Outside of 2 doll companies folding when I was in the middle of a project for them, I have had two incidents which have kept me from attaining my goals.   Two different affiliations with well meaning people unfortunately made comments that left an indelible mark in my psyche. They stopped me in my tracks.  It’s taken me years to get over the awkwardness of the insecurity I took to heart and I figured it’s time to let go.   The first statement was by a close relative saying “Why dolls? There are so many of them on the market?”  And the second one came from a company after seeing my detailed sculpts of many different dolls and their costumes. “How can I believe you can sculpt the head of a child?”

First off.  Why dolls?  Why not? That’s what I love…my passion….sculpting the figure and trying to make an original doll unlike any other.  I succeeded in making an original.  Not many porcelain dolls are cast totally in porcelain with moving joints fitting perfectly.  Most of them have soft bodies and are lucky if the porcelain goes above the knee and elbows.  Not many dolls have hand-painted eyes highlighted with tiny stars, or unusual joints in the arms leaving the shoulders untouched and allowing for more beautiful costuming.  The way the arms move give the doll an endearing quality that can’t be matched by regular shoulder jointed dolls.   Also the head swivels around like real life in the socket instead of rotating from side to side.  So, ok. I have finally won myself over about the dolls.

Now, can I really sculpt a child’s head?  If I can sculpt a detailed properly proportioned figure with life and emotion, why couldn’t I sculpt any detailed properly proportioned figure with life and emotion?  Whether it be a child’s head and figure who’s proportions are the length of 4 heads(or so depending on the age) to one body,  or the adult sculpt with a the ratio of 7.5 heads per the height of the body.  I don’t see the difference.  Of course, at the time, I didn’t have the courage or comeback to stick up for myself.  What a shame.  Instead I have found other mediums to keep myself busy and happy.  However, I missed sculpting.  I am again ready to tackle the doll and gift market.  There’s something about working in clay that really makes you feel like you are creating something out of nothing.  It’s a fabulous feeling that I have missed.  So, I am working on a toddler head, arms, and legs.  This sweet thing will have a soft cloth body.  YES,  I CAN DO A CHILD’S HEAD.  Here’s a preview of the rough of my first attempt. IMG_1484babyhead_side

I am a sensitive artist and I took a long time to get over this thing and learn my lesson.  But if I weren’t so sensitive, I couldn’t do what I do.