Freelance work ~ sculpting

Rosemary Babikan ~ Graduate of the American Academy of Art in Chicago.

I am a multi-medium and multi-dimensional artist. In the past I have studied different mediums each for a period of several years at a time.  I have worked in transparent watercolor, oils, acrylics, metal-smithing, architectural paper sculpting, and illustration in pen and ink, pencil, pastel and gauche.  My heart seems to always come back to sculpting the human figure…especially fashion dolls.  However,  my latest project is sculpting a toddler doll in clay with a soft torso.  I am hoping to acquire freelance work with a giftware company to put my talent to use.  I love pretty things. I love giving pretty things.  One of my current goals is to be able to put my heart into creating beautiful giftware.