Color the World

Directions to Help You With the Free Coloring Pages.

On the left hand side of the coloring pages studio, the top tool is a bucket. You can use that to fill areas with the bucket. You can also see other tools to pick when you click on the bucket.

Click the blue arrow to go back if you change your mind or make a mistake.

The green arrow is to redo if you change your mind again!

Clicking on the magnifying glass will let you zoom into the picture to have a better view for coloring tiny spaces.

The next one below that is the blue download arrow. Download your picture when you are finished, or if you just want to download the plain picture.

Beneath that one you will see a printer to print out the page or your work.

You can share your beautiful masterpieces on your social networks. Please do! (That would be nice for me.)

The right side of the page has the colors.

There are preset colors, and there is a way of making special colors. Click on the preset color to use that color.

To make your own special colors, click on the plus sign down at the bottom of the column where the colors are lined up. You will get a pop up to make your own colors.