Wearing Too Many Hats

I finally got my Adult Coloring Book, “Fairytale Weddings, an Adult Coloring Book”, on Amazon.com., self-published with the help of Createspace, an on-demand publishing company. Feeling quite proud of my accomplishment, I went to check on my website and found that it wasn’t showing up. It seems that it has been lost at the most inopportune time. I worked and emailed, and phoned for two weeks, having no success in finding the website. The hosting company profusely apologized and thanked me for my patience. However, I ran out of that patience after they represented me with a generic website that couldn’t have been more unlike me. In the book I direct people to go to my website for coloring techniques, and drawing videos. I can’t imagine their frustration finding a purple and black website that rotated links from modern religious art to exorcism and other lovely topics. I have changed hosting companies and am trying to build my website back. I would appreciate your patience.