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Sometimes referred to as “astral projection” in esoteric literature, out-of-body experience (“OBE” or “OOBE”) is a more neutral term to describe the sensation of feeling as if consciousness, or the self, is located somewhere other than where the body is physically located.

Some scientific experiments in which the person having the out-of-body experience seems to actually perceive distant events or targets, as if their consciousness is truly located in that distant location. 

An intermediate position between the two extreme interpretations – true relocalization of the mind vs. mere hallucination – is that the OBE is a particularly powerful altered state of consciousness which both induces a subjective impression of mind-body separation, and greatly enhances the person’s clairvoyant psi capacities. Experiments such as Tart’s were not designed to distinguish between this hypothesis and the «projection» idea, but other studies have attempted to address this distinction. 

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