Adult Coloring, Pretty Face and Purple Hair with Nature Background

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Adult coloring, Niki
Niki, after my granddaughter.

This is the third video in a series of coloring Nikki. In the first video, I colored her face. In the second video, I colored her hair, and now in this video I do the background.

I wanted to use warm colors in contrast to the coolish purple hair, pale skin, and the sparkly silver medallions. For the swirls in the background, I used gradations of tones of one color. Those warm colors are next to the warm colors of the pink roses on the color wheel.

When I am choosing my palette, I like to have colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, and then pop across to the opposite side of the color wheel for emphasis or “punch”. The yellow flowers (yellow is the opposite color of purple) stand out but don’t over power her face and hair.

I like the background of a picture to make a statement, but not overtake the importance of the main part of the picture. The colors have to be subtle and muted enough so they won’t compete with the paleness of her skin.

The eyes, which are always my favorite thing to do on a person, need to attract the most attention in my estimation. I think the hair is next in importance. Anything that is supposed to attract attention has to have a lot of contrast in it. By that I mean, you should be able to find the darkest darks and the lightest lights of the picture in its most important part. The eyes have the black darkness of the pupils which is the darkest in the picture, with the white of the white highlights in the pupils, which is the lightest part of the picture. Therefore, they have the most contrast in the whole picture. Hopefully, that is where your eyes will naturally go when you look at the picture.

I would love to do this picture again, but for myself. I would have light ice blues in the background with deep pink roses, and keep the purple hair.

Part 3 Coloring the Background

Part 2 Coloring the Hair

Part 1 Coloring the Face

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