Adult Coloring Blog, “Colog”

I am coining a new word, Colog,

at least I have never heard of this word before. From here on out, this B-LOG will be called a Co-Log (Coloring Blog). I love writing, but for some reason I am not getting any pleasure out of writing about art. I live art, love art, do art, but I don’t like to write about art. The last entry I wrote was asking people about grey-scale pictures. I felt I had to take a stance on what they were for, why would someone enjoy doing them, and how you color a grey scale picture. I really didn’t like writing that at all. There are many reasons people enjoy what they enjoy. It is personal. I felt like I was making some type of judgement. It made me uncomfortable to write it. And most of all, I can’t easily come up with things to write about as easily as I come up with things to draw. I see beauty in everything, and I want to draw everything. Do what you love and you will be happy. Drawing people and favorite things is what I love to do. So, my blog entries will mostly be “Colog” entries. They will be video’s of me working, giving tips, and doing what I love….creating Art.

Watch Me Color This Pretty Face

Coloring Pages For Download

I am slowly getting my designs up for sale on my website. Thank you for being patient with me~

Adult coloring, Niki
Niki, after my granddaughter.

Here are some of the pages being published with designs to color.

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

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Adult Coloring Blog
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