About Me ~ the Artist

I write about me, the artist, how art has affected me. I also show you me, the easy going, sensitive, adoptee and my recently found fantastic story.

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I come from a family of artists. I was trained at the American Academy of Arts in Chicago but continued on a life-long journey of acquiring and cultivating many different skills of the fine arts. Something I am most proud of is my OOAK artist dolls sculpted in porcelain and manufactured in vinyl in Germany. 


While I  am not creating, I am enjoying my grandchildren and working in my Monarch butterfly garden looking for tiny butterfly eggs to take in and raise.

My coloring books grew out of a collection of doodles. Drawing is my way of relaxing and feeling great. Doodling and zentangling have become a nightly ritual for me instead of watching TV. I accumulated quite a collection of black and white art pieces, realizing at the suggestion of friends, that they would make a great coloring books for adults. So I have just published my first 3 adult coloring books and am working on the next one. It seems I have left the 3 dimensional art world of sculpture behind and am back to black and white designs to color. Coloring definitely changes your world. I couldn’t be happier.


Paper Castle

Paper Sculpture

Fun with fantasy, and glitter. I constructed a pattern to make this castle.