Adult Coloring, it’s not just for kids anymore.

Adult Coloring. With so many artists sharing their work in published coloring books, I decided to jump in and join the fun. This year I recently published “Fairytale Weddings, an Adult Coloring Book” which is listed on There is nothing better than a stress relief tool for a bride-to-be. The difficulty level of the pictures is  simple to complex. Anyone who appreciates the celebration of a wedding or just plain beautiful artwork will enjoy coloring in this book. Coming soon,  different coloring techniques and special speed-drawing videos, so check back.

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Book Cover  of Fairytale Weddings, An Enchanting Coloring Book . 30 Adult Coloring Pages, beautifully hand-drawn. #adultcoloringpages #adultcoloringbooks #coloringforadults  #weddingcoloringbooks

Then I followed that coloring book with another one in the first half of 2018 called “Color Me Royal, Magical Places and Majestic Faces”. Color Me Royal, Majestic Faces and Magical Places is a collection of charming designs that illustrate the beauty of the Crown. Journey into the grandeur of the nobility, the glamour of hollywood beauty queens, and the magnificence of the animal kingdom. Each of the 30 designs are of various difficulty levels and are printed on the fronts of the pages only. You can safely use any kind of medium and not have to worry about your colors bleeding through. Get started and color a page for relaxation and fun. Release your inner artist and create a master piece to frame and hang on your wall.

Adult Coloring Book Cover, Color Me Royal, Majestic Faces and Magical Places. 30 Adult Coloring Pages, beautifully hand-drawn. #adultcoloringpages #adultcoloringbooks #coloringforadults #royaltycoloringbooks

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Adult Coloring

Recently I published a Holiday adult coloring book for 2018 called, “Calm for the Holidays”. First in a Series of Themed Mandalas, Calm for the Holidays, is an adult coloring book. Celebrate the holiday season by coloring some of these charming mandalas that have been carefully constructed and drawn by hand. Coloring a mandala is a great tool for stress relief during the busy holiday season. The circle pulls you into it, separating you from life’s challenges outside of the circle. Coloring repetitive patterns requires stillness and focus while all the other stresses of the day fall away. Your pulse rate goes down, your anxiety lessens, and your blood pressure relaxes, while the mind gives sole attention to the work. It rivals the practice of meditation and is easier for most people. The book is filled with over 40 beautiful mandalas and so much fun to color. It’s perfect for gift giving for the holidays.

frontcover of Adult Coloring Book  Calm for the Holildays, Book 1 in an Adult Coloring Book Series of Themed Mandalas.  Adult Coloring Pages, beautifully hand-drawn. #adultcoloringpages #adultcoloringbooks #coloringforadults #mandalacoloringbooks #Christmascoloringbooks

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Embracing your inner creativity….

Coloring books aren’t just for the kids anymore. They are all the rage and may stay with us for quite a while. Therapists have touted the calming benefits for over a decade. Coloring “soothes the soul”. When you focus your attention on coloring, your stress falls away leaving you relaxed and happy.

This current venture of doodling, zentangling, and creating coloring books is giving me so much enjoyment. Besides reaping the benefits of a relaxing pastime, I am giving you, the colorist, support to awaken your sleeping inner creativity.

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Grab your colored pencils, gel pens, glitter pens, markers and crayons and get started. Thank you for being patient while I get this website up and working. Take a look at the categories. Hopefully they will start filling up with the coloring pages to download.

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